A warm welcome to the website of Clothes-On Massage!

Due to the holiday period, we are unfortunately closed at our locations in The Netherlands until mid-August. If we can refer you to a good masseur or therapist in the region, please feel free to contact us. We are still ready and available for contact and we will continue to give you personal advice:

Call and WhatsApp: +31610826360

Thank you in advance for your understanding.


"When your eyes start shining it is clear a sign that you should take the opportunity.''

Mei-Lin Koster

Clothes-On Massage offers a unique combination between a massage for relaxation and a sports massage; it's both relaxing and effective! Blocked muscles become more flexible and the brain gets some rest.

At Clothes-On Massage we give full body massages in which we work with focus areas. The massage treatments have a healing effect in various physical and mental complaints. Of course you are also welcome if there is no indication of complaints!

The massages are performed over the clothes on a chair or on a comfortable massage mattress. This makes the massage very suitable for those who prefer to keep the clothes on and especially for children, young adults and those who are less familiar with massages. I also like to give you personal explanations, information and advice about the treatments.

Why would you choose Clothes-On Massage?

✓  Low-threshold and accessible
   Professional, tailor-made massages
   Effective and goal-oriented  
   Remove tension in your body 
   Massages and workshops at location
   Student discounts 

Your wellbeing is our focus

Professional trust

Massages from an English speaking, full-fledged qualified masseuse from the Dutch Training Institute Thai Dee*.

*Acknowledged by BATC, KTNO, NVST, LVNG, CAT, THAI and CRKBO.

Comfortably accessible

Massage treatments of Clothes-On Massage are performed on clothes and in principle no oil is used. This makes the massages low-threshold and accessible. 

Calm hearted

Loving attention is the ideal base for a massage. For an effective massage, being in a state of rest and relaxation are important factors, especially in the Asian culture. Also when massages are performed a bit firmer!

At Clothes-On Massage every  massage has a loving and restful basis.  



Policy maker

"In one word: RELAXED!"


Master's student

"Mei-Lin succeeds in providing professional massage treatments with an artful feeling. A gift to yourself!"


Civil servant

"Right after the massage I felt alleviation of the pain in my lower back. I was truly amazed by the easing effect of the massage!"


Job Coach

"I went to Mei-Lin and I felt already zen before the massage had started, because of Mei-Lin's calm and friendly personality! She really  takes time for you and shows sincere interest in your situation and personal focus areas."


Logistics employee

"Normally I do not like physical touch, but I decided to try a massage because I am experiencing a lot of stress and tension lately. I'm glad that I went to Mei-Lin! After the massage I felt new energy again. Amazing." 


First aid Nurse

"Mei-Lin has given me a massage for several times now. It is a true benefit for your body and mind."

At Clothes-On Massage we are always curious to know about your experience. Stay calm and feel free to leave a message: