Frequently asked questions

1.   Do I have to undress for the massage treatment?

  • No, at Clothes-On Massage you do not need to undress. That's why we also do not use oil. We recommend you to wear comfortable clothes or to take these with you when you visit us.

2.   Is the massage still effective when massaging over the clothes?

  • Absolutely! It is a misconception that massages only have the desired effect with direct skin-to-skin contact. In various Asian countries, including Taiwan, nearly all massages are performed on clothes. Characteristic of Asian massage techniques is that the muscles are massaged through pressure points. Therefore, a layer of clothing does not take away the effectiveness of the massage. What's more, to some it will create a more comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

3.   Thai massage techniques. Does that mean that a masseuse will walk over my back?

  • No, no. Don't worry! Thai massage techniques are used because of their high effectiveness in treating physical complaints. At Clothes-On Massage we are aware, however, that a large number of people among the Western population have associated or locked muscles. Very intense stretches from the Thai massage are therefore avoided in most cases, unless preferred.

4.   What is yoga stretching? Do I need to be physically active during the massage?

  • Massages in which yoga stretching is used are also called "yoga for lazy people". We take care that the muscles in your body become more flexible by performing calm movements. Exercise helps to loosen your muscles and joints. After all, your muscles are connected to each other. Just like your body and your mind. A tired body is often the result of a head which is too full.

5.   Yoga is new to me and I am not flexible at all. Is that a problem?

  • On the contrary. Clothes-On Massage will possibly be a nice introduction for you. Your stature and flexibility do not matter. Everyone is physically different and this will be taken into account. It is not our intention to cross your physical boundaries during the massage. Basic yoga stretches are used because of the relaxing effect and because it creates space. All you have to do is lie in a relaxed position!

6.   I am a man. Is yoga typically something for women?

  • Did you know that yoga was once invented by men? So the answer is: no. Women started practicing yoga in the Netherlands, but nowadays more and more men are also doing yoga. Quite right! Yoga increases your strength, focus and flexibility. It is a nice addition to sports like football, running and cycling. Moreover, yoga is often recommended by therapists and general practicioners in case of burn-out complaints, which may befall both men and women.

7.   Why are massages performed on a mattress?

  • Carrying out massages on a mattress offers more space and flow. In Thailand, massages are traditionally always performed on a mattress rather than on a table.

8.   I am not sure if this type of massage fits me. How can I find out?

  • Feel free to ask questions without obligation via whatsapp or in a message via the contact page. We are happy to help you. At Clothes-On Massage we find it important that you find a connection with the way of massaging and our overall atmosphere.