About Mei-Lin

Allow yourself to rest. Rest is where your strength hides.

Preventive Masseuse

 My name is Mei-Lin, born in Taiwan and raised in The Netherlands. I love to implement my passion for people, culture and diversityin my work. What could be more beautiful than bringing a piece of Asian culture to the West?


In 2018 I completed my education as preventive masseur in Thai yoga massage (TYM) at the official Thai Dee institute in Nieuwegein. Thai Dee is a training institute in the Netherlands that is recognized by KTNO, BATC, NVST & CRKBO and specializes in various forms of Thai massage, such as chair massage, yoga massage, pregnancy massage and therapeutic massage. I have had the honor of being taught by Tirza Bottema, founder of the Thai yoga massage. Because of her background in physiotherapy and anthropology, I have also gained theoretical knowledge about history and research, movement theory, anatomy of muscles, bones and joints, and business ethics throughout my studies.

In addition to my activities as a preventive masseur, I am a storyteller and a mindset trainer (NLP coaching*). The study program at Thai Dee has been an important move in my career in a completely new direction. I felt the need to contribute to Western society in a different way than I was used to. I started to realize more and more that we are currently living in a very hectic world overloaded with different stimuli and distractions. Even the lives of children have become hectic and stressful. In the back of our minds we know that taking a sufficient amount of rest is important, but unfortunately we often become aware of this on time. Unfortunately, having a burn-out is no longer an exception today.

..a sense of trust, accessibility and a loving form of  attention..

My goal is to create a sense of trust, accessibility and a loving form of attention in the massage sector. In particular areas of this sector I have  experienced certain concerning developments. Society is in a rush. Time is money and in some cases quality is lost due to the focus on quantity. What's more, there are still "Thai" massageshops in The Netherlands that present few similarities with the original Thai massage. The effectiveness of such massages is open for discussion. At least we could agree upon the fact that it is confusing. Asian massage techniques can have unprecedented healing effects for body and mind, if done properly.

I feel grateful when I am allowed to take away someone's tension by relieving stress and pain. In my massage treatments I focus on the muscles and joints, not just on the skin surface. Thanks to this, the effects of the massages are more effective and the benefits will be felt for a longer time. If desired, I also like to provide clients with more information about massage techniques and possible causes of complaints.                                                                

My expertise lies mainly in treating people with a lot of pressure in their heads caused by stress, worry or in case of ad(h)d and high sensitivity.


* NLP coaching:

Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) is a study of the happiest, the most influential and the most successful people in our current society. It is one of the most powerful methods for personal development worldwide.