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Prices of our treatments:

Clothes-On Massage

Full body + 1 Focus Area

60 minutes



Clothes-On Massage 

Full body + 2 Focus Areas

90 minutes


Massage single Focus Area

30 minutes


Massage treatments with the complete package at Clothes-On Massage consist of a full body massage with one or two areas of interest of your choice.

Massage of a separate single Focus Area is also possible in most cases. We would like to receive more information about the complaint in order to be able to help and advise you as much as possible or to refer you to a physician or therapist if that is considered to be more effective.

We do everything we can to serve you as well and openly as possible!

First appointment at Clothes-On Massage? Then an intake interview with a short anamnese (brief review of medical condition) is included in the price. This allows for personal attunement to your specific complaints and areas of attention. 

Examples of complaints:

  • Physical complaints (e.g. neck and shoulder area, back complaints, migraine)
  • Mental complaints (e.g. stress, worrying, feeling of pressure in the head)

At Clothes-On Massage we continuously invest in new projects that contribute to our society. With a treatment at Clothes-On Massage you support the accessibility of massages. Something that makes us happy!